Michelle Grochalski, CEO/Esthetician

Foundation Skincare by Michelle was born through years of serving others through volunteer work and doing skincare (e.g., facials, body scrubs, and a lot of TLC) for family and friends. Many years of enjoying these services for myself has given me the experience and knowledge for what a great Esthetician should be and how they should care for their clients. I hope youโ€™ll come and begin your foundation of great skincare with me!


My philosophy has always been โ€œyou canโ€™t build something great without a foundation.โ€ My foundation is God. With this confident, but humble statement: 

โ€œI can do all things through Christ who strengthens meโ€ (Philippians 4:13) 


I was able to find the courage to make a transition in my life. My first attempt was in July 2017. Everything I tried to do with the business was like trying to drive a jackhammer through concrete. It wasnโ€™t happening. Again, and again, I felt defeated. I prayed. I really thought this is what I should be doing, and I wasnโ€™t happy with my current position at work. God does work in mysterious ways.


Sadly, in January 2018 my friend and co-worker, Sharon was diagnosed with AML/Leukemia. My husband and I had just lost another friend to this horrible disease not even 6 months before this. Sharon ended up in the hospital for an extended period of time in January. As her boss and friend, I wanted to do something for her.

I gathered all my paraphernalia (at this point I thought I knew what I was doing LOL) and went to the hospital to give her a facial and massage her arms, hands, legs and feet. A few of the nurses came in and wanted my business card because there are many cancer patients who would love to have this done for them. I felt sad wishing I could have helped them all and had to decline.

When my โ€œfacialโ€ was completed, Sharon was in tears along with her husband Gene. Geneโ€™s words when he walked into the room was, โ€œSheโ€™s never looked more beautifulโ€. Yes, I was in tears at this point too! Sharon told me itโ€™s the first time since she was diagnosed that she didnโ€™t think about what was happening to her or the treatments she was going to have to get.

Iโ€™m crying now as I write thisโ€ฆI walked out of the hospital and immediately called my husband. I told him I canโ€™t keep working anymore. THIS is what I need to be doing. At the end of May 2018, I retired from my current job. Iโ€™ve been putting my Foundation Skincare by Michelle together and miraculously all the pieces are coming together easily. God had a plan, I just needed to be patient!

I am beyond excited to be able to give back to others! As a Licensed Esthetician, I plan on continuing my education so I can help as many cancer patients as possible, along with everyone else! I cannot thank everyone who has supported me and helped me along the way! My family, my friends, my personal Esthetician and many others. Thank you!


Foundation Skincare by Michelle

Located inside Camille Baughman & Associates Wellness Center
218 York Road, Suite 102, Carlisle, PA 17015
Parking in Rear - Follow concrete path through wooden fence.

I am proud to support our military and offer a 25% discount on any service for our military members! Military ID required.

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